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Pure Enjoyment

Quick, Clean & Covert.

The Jack-Pod System: Micro-Dosing therapy in 3 easy steps.

1. Fill it

Grind or Crumble upwards to 0.2 gr. of your favorite
aromatherapeutic herbs to fill 1 Jack-Pod.
Or around 2 gr. to fill 10 Jack-Pods in mere minutes.

2. Load it

Load your Jack-Pod compatible Device with a full Jack-Pod.
At the moment we've developed three Jack-Pod compatible Devices.

3. and Relax..

And you're off.. :)

Start Here

choose your Device, get some Essentials and top it off with Accessories.
Jack-Pod Devices

To maximize the effect of your aromatherapeutic Jack-Pods..

Jack-Pod Essentials

Some things you can live without. Jack-Pod Essentials are not one of them.

Jack-Pod Accessoires
Treat yourself. You deserve it..
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