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The Jack-Pod System is the brain-child of I-nvention, The Dutch Masters.

We wanted to introduce a system with which you can easily smoke a fixed dose of your favorite materials each and every time.

Tthat's the Jack-Pod System. Micro-dosing, easy, quick and clean.

And.. you don't need to know how to roll, use paper or tobacco anymore.

Just grind the material, fill you Jack-Pod and use The Weezy, HERO or REBEL to smoke it. 

We think we have made a good start with the current line of products, but we are always open to suggestion, questions or other remarks.

Don't hesitate to contact us. We love to hear from you.

Who's I-nvention ?

Built from extremely enthusiastic professionals, the I-nvention team distinguis itself by constant innovation and introducing trendsetting technologies and marketing methods. Our motto: We don’t copy, we invent, create and set the trend. 

One of our tasks is to spread the word that Cannabis is such a beautiful, interesting, unique, and poorly misunderstood plant that can benefit millions of patients worldwide. Pharmaceutical industries maintaining a monopoly position, fight battles against the legislation of medicinal cannabis simply because they realize the legislation of cannabis will damage their position dramatically. They want to sell chemicals and preferably addictive ‘medicines’ against sky-high pricing ensuring tremendous profits. So sad that the plant that has been given to us by god is taken away from desperate patients that could be cured or relieved with a 100% natural product covering a wide range of solutions for hundreds of illnesses and diseases.

By marketing semi-cannabis related products the way the I-nvention team does, in areas where cannabis is not legalized we see discussions arise on forums, in talk shows and even on governmental level about medicinal cannabis legislation. Even if we can only contribute a fraction of a percent to legislation of cannabis worldwide, we will perform this important task.