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The Hero.

World's first and only cone shaped combustor.

Fill it, burn it and..

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Tobacco, rolling paper and cardboard tips a necessary evil ?

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.. Say hello to hassle-free pure smoking.

If you can grind, fill and press, then you’re in luck. The Jack-Pod system is for you.

To fully enjoy this new way of pure smoking you need Jack-Pods, a way of filling the pods and an Jack-Pod compatible device. ( Cue The HERO )

Therefore, say hello to the new Hero in your, now,  tobacco free, life :)

This pipe, with build in butane torch, will be your stealthy friend as long as you feed it well :)

It will take butane gas at one end and an Jack-Pod at the other, thank you very much :)

So what’s a Jack-Pod then ?

Good question. It’s a small, aluminium, basket that will hold a maximum of 0.2 grams* of your favorite material ( flower/pressed flower). 

You pop a filled one in your HERO, and you heat it with the torch.

The replaceable filter, with activated charcoal, in the mouthpiece makes your aromatherapie session smooth on the throat. And in the process, filters out all the bad stuff in the smoke..

And there you have it, a quick, clean and easy way of enjoying yourself. Tobacco free. Read: no more harmful and addictive chemicals for you.

Even a child can do it.. Although, it can’t really. Because of the child-proof lighter we build in.. 

Enough said. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to take your aroma therapy sessions without the harmful tobacco and the hassle of rolling paper and all that, look no further, this is your HERO. Just click Add to Cart now and don’t forget to check out the accessoires and stock up on essentials..

Main Features

The HERO is 14,2 cm / 5,59inches long and weighs around 63 grams.

Unique patented coned shape design holds nicely in your hand and can stand on your table or desk without falling over

The HERO comes with 1 re-usable Jack-Pod, which can contain up to 0,2 grams of material, depending on how fine you grind the material ( material not included, duhhh). Deep

The mouthpiece hides a special, replaceable, Filter with Activated Charcoal ensuring a smooth smoking experience and filtering out all the bad stuff

Comes completely assembled for immediate use, just fill it with some gas and a loaded Jack-Pod

Very stealth just take it out of its odor-tight tube, your pocket or your purse, light it and take a few quick tokes.. satisfaction guaranteed..

How To Use

  1. Take your Hero from it’s air-tight stash tube
  2. Fill your Hero with gas by removing the cap at the bottom. Adjust the height of the flame.
  3. Pop in a loaded Jack-Pod by screwing of the top, around the mid-section of your Hero. ( You can fill the Jack-Pod yourself, with the Fill-It 10 for example, or buy pre-filled ones at your local dispensary, coffeeshop or other supplier.. )
  4. Wrap your lips around the mouthpiece and light the torch. Inhale. And there you have it. You’re enjoying your first Jack-Pod experience :). Quick,easy and clean.
  5. After 2-3 small tokes, let the Jack-Pod cool off a little and then turn it around. This way, you’ll make sure you’ve burned the whole contents.
  6. Replace the filter in the mouthpiece when it has filled itself with all the bad stuff while protecting you :) Depending on the material you’re smoking, the filter will last around 6-10 Jack-Pod sessions.
  7. After smoking, either empty your re-usable Jack-Pod or dispose of the disposable one. 

What’s in the Box

1 HERO Combustor

1 Dab-Tool

1 Cleaning Brush

1 Storage Tube

1 Jack-Pod re-usable

Lara Croft.. after another day of saving the world.

  • Size: L: 145 mm W: 10-22 mm
  • Weight 63 grams
  • Material: Aluminum

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