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Get into the spirit of Christmas ! (..or whatever spirit your stuff will bring you in.. :)

Quick and Easy, with The Weezy.. Enjoy this Christmas Deal: 

  • The Weezy, a few-hitter pipe compatible with the Jack-Pod System
  • Fill-iT 10 - fill 10 disposable Jack-Pods at once and stash them in the included  stash-box
  • Activated Charcoal Filters, never leave your Weezy without it :), 1 box of 20 filters. Filter out all the nasy things..
  • Stash-Tube 4. Easily attach this Stash-Tube to your key-chain, for example, and carry 4 extra Jack-Pods with you..

Check out this video to see how the Jack-Pod System works :

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